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Want to Learn How to Fly but...

Can't Afford To Own a Plane?

Learn to Fly or enjoy

the advantage of Affordable Rental Aircraft.

Our flying club, The Arrow Club, is your answer.

While a flying club is not a flight school, we do have flight instructors that work with us for flight training for Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Rating and an Instructors Rating. The flying club is based at the Bozeman, MT airport (BZN).

As a flying club, The Arrow Club is owned and managed by its members. If you want to know how to be a pilot or the advantages of shared aircraft, The Arrow Club is an alternative that will fit your budget.

Benefits of being a member of The Arrow Club:

  • Get your private pilot license, instrument rating, and commercial pilot license for less
  • Low aircraft rental fees
  • Shared costs include:
    • Hanger
    • Inspections
    • Maintenance
    • Insurance

Get the benefits of aircraft ownership

without having all the costs, join a flying club today.


The Arrow Club

The Arrow Club is primarily a flying club offering pilots an economical way to fly.

Even though The Arrow Club is not Flight School, it is a very affordable way to learn to fly as the club has training aircraft that function extremely well for flight training.

The club maintains a roster of Flight Instructors. All instruction is in club aircraft.

Our instructors have a combined total of 35,000 hours.

Flying Club Staff

The Arrow Club was founded by pilots Linda Marshall and Don Loyd.

Linda is a certified flight instructor with a CFII rating meaning that she is also an instrument instructor. Don is a private pilot who works mostly with the business end of things.

The other staff members are Bob Marshall and Jim Albright. Both Bob and Jim are aircraft mechanics with inspector authorization and Jim is also an instructor with the certification to instruct for instrument training. Bob and Jim do the maintenance and repair for the aircraft leased by the club.

Flight Training Available Through The Club

Whatever your interest in flying, The Arrow Club likely has an option for you. If you have never flown a light aircraft, we offer an introductory flight that is very affordably priced at $59. Are you ready to take the first step and begin working on your pilot license? We also offer instrument rating, commercial pilot training, and tail wheel endorsement. If you are interested in a quicker way to fly or want a simplified way to qualify medically, we also offer training in and use of a light sport aircraft. Training for Mountain Flying is also available.

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